Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shucking corn the "wrong" way....

Finally! After 6 months of not being able to connect my phone to the PC to access my pictures, I solved the didn't like that particular USB cord. Really.

In the mean time, I haven't stopped taking photo blog pictures, I just couldn't post them! I've wanted to get this one up, as sweet corn season is coming. The stores here are already shipping in corn from Florida or something, and I can't wait for our corn to be ready.

This blog will go through the insanely easy way to make corn on the cob - without the silk getting all over and in your teeth!

The silk is the string bits at the "top" of the ear, that stick out and love to get in your teeth. The leaves that cover the cob are called the husk. The stem end doesn't have silk on it, it's where the corn attached to the stalk.

First off, pick your corn, but don't husk it. You can check the end if you want, but it's a pretty safe bet that if you are buying from a commercial store, and isn't organic and non-sprayed, there are no bugs or borers. If it's home stuff that isn't sprayed, check the top for borers, and cut them out. Re-wrap the husk around the end, silk and all.

Next step - wrap in foil! I use about 18" or so per ear, don't have to be fancy, and it's ok if the ends stick out. Just wrap it good and tight.

From here, you can either cook it in the oven or on a grill. On the grill, cook on direct heat for about 30 minutes, or cook in the oven at 350ish for 45 minutes or so. It's better to cook it a little longer than undercook, but it's not an exact thing. You should end up with a hunk of corn in foil, and if the husk is sticking out, it probably will be charred. That's good.

Carefully remove the foil so you don't burn yourself, you'll want to do this when it's still fairly hot. The corn will have steamed well inside it's husk and the foil.

Cut off the end of the corn at the stem side - NOT the silk end. You'll want to cut off about 1/2" from where the bottom of the cob is. Use a good strong knife. You should see the cob end. If you cut too close to the stem end, the next step will be difficult because the husk narrows near the end.

This cob has cooled a bit, so it's not burning the heck out of me. I often will use a pot holder for the fresh off the grill ones. Grasp the silk end firmly, and start shaking the corn - it will start to slide right out the end you cut. Be careful though, if you cut the end out perfect, it will slide out fast, otherwise it likes to be a little stubborn and needs some extra shaking. You are squeezing it out of the husk, and by grabbing the silk end, you'll pull all that silk right out of the cob.

The finished product - corn on the cob with NO silk! No stringies to get caught in your teeth, no picking, no messy husking before hand.  You can compost the husks and silk, or toss it. What matters is that you have purdy corn, ready to chow on.

 Close up - no silk, and no worries! Chow down!

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