Friday, March 19, 2010

Time for Taquitos!

Because as usual, I can't follow a recipe for my life, I changed it :) First I used chicken - a whole one that I had cooked all day in the crock pot, and then decided to not have for dinner. I pulled out all the meat, and put in the fridge. I then picked it apart, so no bones or yuckies, and chopped it fine. I added the spices, and a can of diced tomatoes with chilis.

I heated a skillet with my fav, Crisco, so it had a thin layer of oil. I would place a tortilla in the oil for a minute or two, take it out with tongs, place on a paper towel oil side down, and put 1/2 cup of the chicken mix. I would use the paper towel to start the roll, and roll tightly, then place seam side down on the same pan - I had enough room to heat a tortilla and cook one seam down at the same time. As I was cooking the finished tortilla, I would heat a new shell in the oil, make it up, and then place on the pan, taking off the one that had been cooking, and placing in a dish. I made about thirty taquitos, and then just placed the whole shebang in the freezer. The next day (today, haha!) I took them out, and tapped the dish so they separated, and bagged them up. Of course, I had to have a taste test, so I popped two in the microwave in a paper towel, heated for 1.5 minutes, and TASTY!!!

As they don't seem to stick while frozen, I now have snackies for whenever I want!